We are re-TREE-vers.

We mill, design and build functional art for our clients with the San Diego trees we rescue.

We are SD Urban Timber, San Diego’s original local wood resource. We breathe new life into fallen trees and other materials which would otherwise be discarded. Our business is driven through healthy collaborations between our material, our clients, and our vision. In our process we strive to steward our wood to elicit the most out of each piece, and transform it into utilitarian artwork fulfilling the collaborative visions we create with our customer.


Mathieu Gregoir

We have worked with SDUT to reclaim some of the many Eucalyptus trees that have been cut down on the UCSD campus. They have transformed this lumber, originally planted 100 years ago by the Santa Fe Railroad, into beautifully crafted benches which have been installed by them in the very groves from whence they came. Dan and Jess have done more than fabricate beautiful furniture. They have worked with us on all aspects of design, and have coordinated their work with the campus administration and with contractors to achieve a great result that will remain to be appreciated by many generations of students and the general public.

Hilary MacPhail

From the first conversation with Jess, I knew I was going to work with them. She and Dan have this positive and wide open view of the possibilities that can be created from raw wood and reclaimed lumber. She and Dan were so excited about both of my projects. We worked as a creative team to envision my projects. I got to pick my wood. They were so awesome as artists, as stewards of the earth, as experts of their craft and as human beings. They delivered on time and worked with my budget. The results are pieces that make people ask “Where did you get this?” They are my most favorite possessions.

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